APRENDEAESTARBIEN is an association; created with the aim of disseminating a simple and practical procedure to learn to feel better and function more effectively in our day to day: THE ADJUSTMENT METHOD.

The Association is made up of a group of psychologists and personal counsellors who have developed the Method and experimented with it in recent years. The quality of the results has encouraged us to create this Association to disseminate it.

On this website we offer the basic information of what we propose and we make available a support system for your Adjustment Process. We also collaborate with other Associations to make our Method available to more people.

IF THE INFORMATION WE PROVIDE ON THIS WEBSITE SEEMS USEFUL, you can help the Method benefit many more people by contacting us to train and/or participate in disseminating the Method. This step will not only allow you to clearly improve your Quality of Life; you will (also) have the satisfaction of helping others to start it up.


Note: APRENDEAESTARBIEN has been registered in the Registry of Associations of the Principality of Asturias with Number 13218 of Section 1.