OBJECTIVE: Aprendeaestarbien is a non-profit association that pursues a Single Objective: Help people to feel good and to function better in their day to day (both are related). We have learned to feel bad and to function badly; because we put other goals ahead of this one (to have, to pretend, to be appreciated …).

What you think, feel and do depends on the ideas and beliefs that are installed in your mind. To improve your results, all you need is to correct some very specific errors or misunderstandings. On this website we share an experimental technique that provides clear and stable results: The Adjustment Method.


The few who consider doing something to improve things; They look for some psychological tips / tricks, relaxation / meditative practices, they listen to audios and they look for varied / beautiful information in videos / talks…In other words, they jump from one place to another, to see if they find something that will serve them WITHOUT DEEPERING INTO THE CAUSES REAL OF WHAT IS HAPPENING. Experience tells us that this “plan” does not work; or at least it does not have a clear efficacy.

Effective Learning requires 3 things: SELECTION (distinguishing the Essential from the superficial / apparent), REPETITION (focusing again and again on the Essential to obtain a clear vision of the real causes of our problems) and IMPACT (feeling it with sufficient intensity to generate a real, measurable and consistent change).

You only have to apply that approach to a few KEYS so that our quality of life begins to really improve. But our attention is out of control and hijacked by freaks (beliefs and expectations).

LIFE IS A TRADE; OR DO WE STAND TO LOOK CAREFULLY BEHIND THE SURFACE / APPARENT; UNTIL WE SEE WITH ALL CLARITY THE MECHANISMS THAT EXPLAIN OUR WAY OF FEELING AND FUNCTIONING … Or we will be trapped in our boring dependencies (material and emotional) and in the corresponding relief-entertainment that they sell us.


Reflect (little by little and in depth) on the contents of the web. READ ONLY ONE SECTION EACH DAY (BETWEEN ASTERISKS). REVIEW 2 OR 3 TIMES WHAT IS IN BOLD INSIDE EACH SECTION; until you really feel the importance of its content (jotting it down in a notebook increases effectiveness).

This is the only way that your level of awareness of how we work increases little by little and, as a consequence, the results will improve on their own (without more effort or paraphernalia.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE: You only need a small notebook, keep it in sight and write down your conclusions about the section you have analyzed (also note the date you have done it, to make sure that not many days pass between sections). If you manage to do it, you will be surprised.

It is also very useful to install the shortcut icon to the web on your home page screen, as well as being convenient, it will serve as a reminder.

Take it as a GAME / SETTINGS CHALLENGE. The change in vision caused by this simple technique leads to a natural process of improvement.


We can warn you that your inertias and mental prejudices are going to be against you trying this simple experiment. So if your mind won’t let you do it; at least THAT IS IMPACTS YOU A MINIMUM, to see if you manage to reveal yourself to such kidnapping / manipulation and do not miss this opportunity to really improve your quality of life (and, rebound, have a more positive effect on your environment). If it does not even shock you that your mind does not allow you to focus for a while on the keys that are behind your results … well, nothing; we would like to wish you luck; but it won’t do much good.

Our day to day is usually a tiresome repetition of half a dozen things. To achieve positive changes, we have to recognize that our mental-emotional inertias have control over our lives and do not allow us to seek a better way to invest our abilities. If you want to check it, see if your inertias allow you to apply this technique (which is the only one that works):

A-Choose a single issue that has a certain room for improvement.

 B-Apply the Experimental Procedure:

1-Analyze this Learning Zone calmly.

2-Look for reasonable solutions / alternatives that can improve results.

3-Apply a reasonable strategy, with concrete actions (small changes)

4-Go drawing conclusions based on the results, to continue advancing towards the objective.

START BY DOING THIS WITH EACH OF THE QUESTIONS WE ASK YOU BELOW. Essential questions are the foundation of Real Learning; you have to do them ONE BY ONE AND WITHOUT ANY RUSH. With a minimum of seriousness, you will be able to find the answers for yourself; however, the contents of the web can help you to do so:


1-How do we feel and our results depend on how we think and function? If our results do not satisfy us, should we find a way to make some adjustments in our way of thinking and acting? What prevents us from doing so?

2-How do you explain that we use our mind for everything and we do not know how it works?

3-Have you considered that life is a temporary investment of your abilities? Why not consider learning how to use them more effectively to improve your results?

4-Could your results depend on how you handle the circumstances (internal and / or external) that are presented to you? Could a bad result be indicating that there is something to adjust / learn?

5-If I point to circumstances or others as a cause of how I feel or things work for me, who has the power / control over my quality of life?

6-Who do you think you are to hope that Reality adjusts to your expectations? Could that be the cause of your dislikes and your conflicts? What is the use of the trial and the complaint?

7-If your way of thinking conflicts with Reality, which of the 2 do you think you can change / adjust?

8-Do you like or annoy what happens or what you “think” is happening?

9-Can you are upset without a “should / shouldn’t …”? Where do these dependencies come from and to what extent do they depend on you? Is there anything more absurd than waiting for life to adapt to your expectations? Wouldn’t it be better to calmly observe what is happening and learn to handle it better?

10- ……………

IT’S THAT SIMPLE: Combine these reflections with a leisurely reading of the contents of the web and, if you consider it convenient, do not hesitate to contact us.