The Misunderstanding is not a theoretical book because it is focused on real change. It is not the typical “self-help” book; it is a manual for reflection. It contains no dialogues between monks and dragonflies or pretty metaphors; explains the causes of our way of feeling and functioning; it also proposes a practical way to improve both.


This book comes from observation and practical experimentation in our daily lives. It unmasks our main Psychological Errors, those that create problems for us and keep us trapped far below our means.

It focuses on the misunderstandings that must be corrected to obtain clear and measurable improvements in our Quality of Life. All you have to do is DECIDE if what they are proposing is reasonable and interesting enough to encourage you to follow their recommendations, experiment with them and check that they bring real improvements.

Most of the proposals for improvement that are presented to us do not help us to be aware that we do not really know or control the mental and emotional mechanisms that control our way of life. We have simply gotten used to coping with them or fighting with them. The results are in sight: between mediocre and bad.

Don’t expect to find happy ideas and pretty phrases in this book; you know … those that later one does not know well how to apply in real life. We are not going to talk about positive thinking, emotional intelligence, or happiness; We are not going to offer you a few well-intentioned but unrealistic advice, either. It is much simpler: We will focus on understanding and correcting our main misunderstandings.

It is about assimilating / recognizing that the negative symptoms and difficulties that we encounter to advance in our growth are telling us that we must rethink some things, make some very specific adjustments in our way of thinking and acting.


We seek the Well-being because we are wrong; and we are wrong because we have not learned to function properly.

With the purchase of the Manual, you will not only be able to really improve your Quality of Life by delving into the approach and techniques of the Adjustment Method; You will also be helping other people to access it through the Aprendeaestarbien Association (Non-profit organization).

This manual is not in bookstores for two reasons:

1-We did not want to adapt its contents to the demands of the “market”.

2-We intend that it is acquired only by those who intuit its usefulness through what we propose on this website. We have no interest in you wasting your time or money just to end up having yet another book on your shelves.

The price of the manual is € 14 including shipping costs.

Thank you so much.